How to Plant Trees in Stardew Valley

How to Plant Trees in Stardew Valley:

Hear this!

When you are roaming the Stardew Valley, you have to be aware of the variety of trees and plants. You don’t want to regret your decisions on choosing a wrong tree to plant.

And I’m going to help you know these varieties of items and possibilities. With this, you will  have the best experience in Stardew Valley!

But first, let me tell you about the trees!

You don’t have to be a pro to know that each one of them differs from the other. 

But how do you know if a tree is worthy of a spot on your farm?

 If you have already grown one, how do you raise them well?

This guide will answer these questions. 

So we will not beat around the bush anymore.

And let’s get into it!

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Stardew Valley Trees

Let’s get to the basics.

We don’t plant trees in Stardew Valley only for aesthetics. 

The wiser use will be to become a tapper and simply tap it.

Depending on the tree type, we can create pine tar or oak resin and a maple syrup.

When your trees produce lots of syrup and fruits, you can either sell them or use them for your own.


When we say fruit trees, the clear goal is to grow fruits. 

And as distinctive the trees are, so are the fruit trees in the Stardew Valley. We will discuss each one later on.

Stardew Valley Trees
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This guide will tell you many things you didn’t know which will help you, whether you are an amateur player or a pro.


Farming in Stardew Valley
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Here’s the goal!

You must use the vast space you have in the Stardew Valley. Also you have to plant and raise many varieties of trees and crops, as well as animals.

And this will not be easy.

Patience is a virtue in this game, and fruits would take some time to grow before you can pick them.

Aside from that,

A frequent question many amateur players face is, how do you distinguish common trees from fruit trees?

And this is as simple as it sounds!

Observe the trees. When it holds fruits, it’s a fruit tree. You can gather them once in a while. Meanwhile, the common one doesn’t have those, yet, you might still want to have it for syrup and resin. 

Usually, you gather them for the woods. But in Stardew Valley, you will engage in a whole new different kind of farming.

Now we will discuss these common trees to be aware of how we could use them.

The Common Trees:

  1. Maple Trees- If you roam around the Stardew Valley, you’d undoubtedly meet maple trees. What other players do is to cut them since they disrupt your farming. What you can do is to tap and collect their syrup every seven or eight days. 

You can sell each piece for 200 g. Just know that to plant one, you will need the maple seeds.

  1. Oak trees- Like Maple, you can also see these trees almost everywhere. To make resin, you will need this tress each six to seven days. You can plant it through acorns. 
  2. Pine trees – These trees belong to the conifers type. It is abundant in the forest. The final product is pine tar, which you can acquire every four to five days. 

Fruit trees:

  1. Apricot – You need to be mindful of this since spring is the only time you can plant and harvest apricots. For the outstanding quality apricot fruits, you’ll gain 100g per piece. And if this interests you, just go to Pierre’s store and buy a sapling which costs 2000g. 
  2. Cherry – Like apricot, spring is also the sole season you can plant and harvest cherries. When sold, each piece costs 160g. 

But if you want a better income, you can collect the saplings and sell them at Pierre’s. You can buy it for 3400g per sapling.

  1. Orange – You can plant and harvest oranges during summer. The fruit costs 200g  for the superior quality ones. And like the other fruit trees, you can buy the saplings at Pierre’s for 4000g.   
  2. Peach – Similar plant which you can harvest and plant during summer is peaches. Each peach means an extra 280g profit. 

But the sapling at Pierre’s is a little expensive, and you will have to spend 6000 g for a sapling. 

  1. Apple – There are also fruits that you can gather and plant during autumn, and these are apples. They are used mainly as the main ingredient for cranberry candies and, you can sell them for 200g. Like other saplings, it is also available at Pierre’s and will cost you 4000g.
  2. Pomegranate – Another fall-season tree is the pomegranate. You can harvest them every day and put them in the market for 280g. Its sapling can be bough for 6000g each. 

Special trees:

  1. Mushroom Trees –  The likelihood of having this in your fam during the autumn season is so small. You cannot plant these trees. They just appear out of nowhere. However, if you don’t want them, you can just chop them down or tap.
  2. Palm Trees – The Caico Desert is the only place that you can find these trees. Shaking or chopping them is the way to get its coconuts. There’s no chance for you to plant this one since you cannot get its seeds or use your tapper. 

But before you start planting,

You need to hear this.

Trees could withstand all seasons, but you cannot always get their fruit. Each fruits trees have a corresponding season to which they bear their fruits. That’s the only chance you’d get. 

And a fact you must remember!

There is a maturation period for trees. And when it reaches one year, it’s fruit is labeled star-quality fruits. A second-year-old tree will give you gold-quality fruits. 

So, make sure to remember where you plant them!

How to Plant Trees in Stardew Valley?

Plant Trees in Stardew Valley
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To plant trees in Stardew Valley is easy-peasy.

Yup, that’s right!

But it will be a lot easier for you if you’ll understand the basics and acquire some tips that might come in handy in managing your farm well. 

I guess what’s in your mind right now is what tree you should plant.

And here’s the answer to that.

It depends. It is up to your priority.

But to be frank, it will not be much of a help in terms of profits. Also, you might think of raising crops instead since they are more profitable. 

But here’s what you should know

Trees are not exactly useless. Aside from making your farm lusher, there is a secret to gain money out of planting trees.

And that is?

To use your greenhouse on planting trees. You heard that right. 

It will give you a space to plant a variety of crops. But have you seen the area that glows?

Yes! You can plant trees in there!

So this means you can maximize the use of your space. 

And not only that.

Trees that are grown in there could reproduce the entire year!

How to actually grow trees?

How to grow trees
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First, you need to buy resources to plant, and that is the sapling!

You can buy that at Pierre’s store. Then go back to your farm and plant it right away. 

But remember this

The requirement for growing trees is eight empty tiles. So if you align them, the gap must be two tiles to maximize the space’s use.

Twenty-eight days is what it takes for a fruit tree to mature. Then, it will produce the fruits in its respective season.

Conclusion: How to Plant Trees in Stardew Valley

How to Plant Trees in Stardew Valley
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Now, you’re ready!

A tip before starting your Stardew Valley farming adventure!

You can do whatever you want with the fruits, but you can always use them for recipes. 

It will give you more profit, and it will be awesome!

And put this in mind,

Tree farming is better in greenhouses.

Now off you go, and become a farming pro in Stardew Valley!

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