About Us

When the world wearies and society fails to satisfy, there is always the garden.  


Some think it’s too effeminate an activity. Some think it too much work, what with all the woods, stemming, pruning, and soil studies.

Then there’s landscaping, as well.

I am Stephen Turner and let me tell you….

I started gardening as a hobby when I was twelve. Being a boy, I had to keep it to myself.

Unlike today, it’s not a very popular pastime and hobby back then. So I had to read a lot. I wanted to know everything, including the technicalities.

Thanks to this early introduction and experience, I was able to study the subject in depth (yes, hello pure teenage enthusiasm and energy!), giving me a great foundation for my future career.

Thankfully, internet happened and I was able to nourish this hobby into a passion. After graduating from university, I worked in a Horticultural company being a product manager assistant, taking in everything that I can about the subject.

And now, I am applying this knowledge to cater to my fellow green thumbs. I know how it feels when you have an exact vision for your sanctuary. Working with my hard-working and passionate team, we always put ourselves on our clients’ feet and see their visions through their eyes.

Just to provide everyone a garden that’s so personal it feels like they made it themselves.

On the other hand…

If you’re not yet ready to invest in gardening services yet, you can always browse through our reading materials in this site, which we thoughtfully put together based on our own experiences and take.

You’d want to check them out, too, if you’re still a total beginner looking for an easy-to-get introduction.

If you want us to try and review equipment and products, just drop us a line and we’ll gladly try it out. Gardening and landscaping is also advancing, just like how technology does, and we are all too happy to find new ways.

May your green sanctuary stays fresh and alive. Happy gardening!